About us


Thanks for stopping by! Though this website looks like a nonsensical hodgepodge of items, it is actually a store filled with some of my greatest passions.

My dogs are my number one passion. They are my kids! I enjoy walking with them almost every day. People around town know me as the girl who walks the three dogs at once!

Crafting is pretty high on my list of things I love to do. I love to create items from my heart. 

Candles are another thing that gives me joy. I buy candles by the dozen and burn scents specific to each season. It makes me happy to hear people tell me that my house smells good.

I adore earrings, so I've added jewelry to my list. I feel naked if I leave my house without my earrings in!

Lastly, as if it weren't obvious, I love to make lists! There is something about checking off a list that makes me feel so accomplished! I've created a collection of printables so you can enjoy that same sense of accomplishment!














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